Founder -

Charlie Freeman shapes and approves foundation strategies, advocates for the foundation’s issues, and sets the organization’s overall direction.


My Story

Hi. I am Charlie Freeman, a musician, actor and keen spiritual journeyer ! I had my first ‘spiritual experience’ as a 6 year old kid and was filled with an unshakeable faith.  I lost focus from 14 until my early thirties by which point I very badly needed to re-connect.  Constant, debilitating and undiagnosed pain and symptoms since 18, emotional ‘issues’ and WAY too much escapism…ie partying in a very destructive manner had left me pretty broken. Friends and Family were worried.  Things were a mess.  I dove deep into the spiritual journey and it would be a fair while before I’d get the results I desired. It's been a combination of the emotional, physical and spiritual and over the years I have worked with and consulted with spiritual mentors, healers, energy workers, gurus, doctors, alternative health experts, naturopaths, nutritionists, homeopaths, scientists, quantum physicists, tried kambo, ibogaine, DMT, Ayuhausca , read many spiritual texts and books, tried many forms of meditation, visualisations, affirmations, etc.


Director -

Bailey helps shape our vision, develop strategies, reviews results, and set the overall direction of the organization. She coordinates the foundation’s talks, events and content, building relationships with speakers and donors, overseeing global growth, grants and scholarships.