The Freeman Foundation

Director: Bailey Lalonde

Founder: Charlie Freeman


The goal of the Freeman Foundation is to gather the very best experts, speakers and teachers in the worlds of health, science, spirituality and wellbeing. Presenting the most informative, truthful and enlightening information possible, we feature techniques, practices and treatments that are often contrary to societal belief systems which are incredibly effective and very possibly life changing.

FF also supports music, film, arts and culture. Whilst touring and visiting many countries in the coming years, Charlie plans to carry the ethos of the foundation: (Truth-Love-Freedom-Connection) in collaboration with local musicians, communities, playing at hospitals and community centres alongside professional gigs. We aim to highlight art infused with awareness.

A lot of people think spirituality is just incense burning barefooted weirdos chanting, banging on their bongos and pontificating about chakras and new age mumbo jumbo. At the Freeman Foundation, we view spirituality as a journey to self; A desire to know yourself better, find your truth, find THE truth, be your best self.

Each talk is listed on the site and costs £5. The talks are also filmed, recorded and documented; footage will be available in our media section.

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Freeman Fund

Looking to donate your charitable funds to a worthwhile cause? At the Freeman Foundation, we have a fund that goes to supporting two different annual scholarships. You can specify which of the two scholarships you would like your donation to be contributed to according to your area of passion and interest.


The Freeman Arts Scholarship is awarded to one artist who stands out as having a conscious, positive, uplifting, real message to afford them the possibility of creating and sharing this message in the most effective way.

The Freeman Health Scholarship is awarded to someone in need of health and wellness assistance and who cannot afford to pay for the associated treatment costs. We allocate this scholarship to cover the costs of a custom health and wellness plan for said scholarship recipient.

Want to apply for one of the two Freeman Scholarships? Submit related information in this form to be considered for one of our scholarships.